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Injecting personality into brands with sounds that stick

The benefits:

Increased Engagement

See a trackable, measurable impact on your business goals with strategic
sonic branding.

Brand Recognition

Have a brand boasting a memorable, consistent audio identity that screams personality.


Have confidence knowing your audio perfectly complements your visual branding.


Feeling forgettable?

Losing potential engagement?

Disjointed brand experience?

Every business wants a killer brand identity. But visual branding can be like watching a silent movie - flat and two-dimensional. It just doesn't pack the punch needed to make an instant, unforgettable impression. It's frustrating when your brand efforts fail to spark emotion or build a meaningful connection. Your brand deserves a more electrifying way to pop instantly - and memorably. The answer is Sonic Branding.


"You chaps really took us on the journey. So knowledgeable and professional. Already looking forward to the next time we collaborate"

Mark Forster, Creative + Art Direction, Flutter PLC - Sky Bingo

No idea how to startbuilding yoursonic branding?

We have a simple and effective method that takes you from bland to bold.

Our Process

Experience a streamlined, lightning-fast process to craft your Sonic Branding assets with ease and joy.


Have confidence knowing your audio perfectly complements vour visual branding.

What does working with
Hear Me Out

look like?

As musical artists at heart, we know the pressure of capturing someone's attention with a fleeting moment of magic and grabbing attention. The good news? Our Sonic Branding Music Agency Hear Me Out has honed this skill to perfection.

Our music producers are versatile, sound-obsessed creatives who've worked with some of the hottest names in the music industry. (In fact, you've probably tapped along to our music without ever realising.) We've been able to help revolutionise brand soundscapes for the likes of Sky Bingo, Robinsons, and Tesco because we know what gets people talking about music and how to create a sonic identity you can't shake off!

Let's talk: Grab a quick 15-minute no-strinqs-attached check-in call to see if we're a good fit to make music together. Bring your questions along, find out the costs, deliverables, timeline and how to put this to work.

Discover Your Sound: Is your brand a nostalgic ballad, a rock anthem, smooth jazz, a club remix, or an original classic? We'll help your brand voice find its true song. Work with our team to create a unique soundboard that perfectly matches your brand's vibe.

Bring Your Brand to Life: Hear the magic as we bring your Sonic Brand to life. From catchy sound bites to full-on compositions, we'll make your brand unforgettable.

Thomas Cook Sonic Branding
Burger King Sonic Branding
Robinsons Sonic Branding
Lisch Sonic Branding
McCann Health Sonic Branding Podcast
Tesco Sonic Branding
Prime Video Sonic Branding
Courtney Legal Sonic Branding
Dibz Bingo Sonic Branding
Sky Bingo Sonic Branding
Felt Music Sonic Branding
BBH Sonic Branding
Lowe Alpine Sonic Branding
BT Sonic Branding
Dave Erasmus Sonic Branding


"Before working with Hear Me Out we were uncertain and worried we were not getting the sound right in our content, Luke & George changed all that. From the first call, the process they walked us through was simple, to the point and most importantly effective.


They understood the brief, took the time to get to know our concept and who we are and translated that into sound.


We would highly recommend exploring what role sound might play for your brand too, and there is no one better to explore it with than Hear me Out."

Sophie Wilson, Co-Founder, Courtney Legal

If you're thinking this sonic mastery is reserved for the big guns, think again.

Hear Me Out gives even the humblest of brands a shot at star status with our

no-nonsense process. No overblown, costly presentations. No dragged-out timeline. No middleman killing the vibe.

Don't risk your brand being forgettable

When you fail to forge emotional
connections with your audience, your brand recognition and recall
stagnates - so your engagement and conversions suffer. When you have a brand boasting a memorable audio identity, see brand recognition and recall soar.

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