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Burger King - 'Driving Home For Christmas' - Sonic Branding

Consulting on the Lyrics of Burger King's Christmas Campaign with the Iconic 'Driving Home For Christmas' by Chris Rea!

When advertising guru's BBH explained their idea and approached us to help out with the lyrics for this campaign first we laughed, and then followed with a HECK YEAH!

The Challenge

Help BBH re-write the lyrics of Chris Rea's unforgettable 'Driving Home For Christmas' from the perspective of his Sat Nav (because obviously he isn't available this time of year) about 25 different of Burger King's busiest locations around the UK.

Burger King Sonic Branding Christmas Campaign

The Approach

To put it simply, we needed to be as outrageously local as possible. We pulled out all the local slang, the lingo and the humour because each of these adverts were going to be blasted to their retrospective locations around the country. Liverpool was getting it's own radio campaign about locations that every local would know. 

Outrageous. We were invited to BBH HQ in Carnaby Street London where we sat down with the creative directors and producer to seriously look each other in the eyes and say this was doable. 

Hours were spent crafting the most ludicrous lyrics ever typed into a computer and the process of adaptation and development began as we chomped through a box of biscuits and countless lemon waters (a very nice touch to their head office we must say).

We can't deny, it was a lot of fun and we were so chuffed to be asked along to consult on this job. 

Burger King Audio Identity

The Result

Look, we can't take a fiddle of credit really on this. We had so so much fun, but BBH pulled so many stops to make this happen on time. We can't thank them enough for having us in to help with all 25 verses and look forward to the next challenge they throw our way! 

Burger King Sonic Logo
Burger King Sonic Branding
Burger King Sonic Identity

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

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