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Courtney Legal - 'Legal Empowerment Starts Here' 

Sonic Branding

Courtney Legal were launching publicly as a fresh new brand on the market and they had no sound. 

We were there to create a Sonic Strategy, Sonic Logo and an Audio Toolkit for their podcast.

The Challenge

As Courtney Legal emerges as a new brand, freshly stepping into the legal landscape, we find ourselves at the dawn of their journey. The challenge lies in establishing a solid foundation, relying solely on core values and anticipated audience demographics.

This venture materialised by the Founders out of a significant gap in the market—a space defined by sensitivity and emotion.

How to put that into sound? We took them through Our Process to discover

Courtney Legal Sonic Branding

The Approach

Despite being music lovers, the Courtney Legal team didn't know where to begin with the process of introducing sound to the brand.
However, they didn't want to reach for library music because they knew that other brands might have used the same tracks, and it also didn't free them up for relatable sounds for their podcast.

After establishing their predicted target demographic we built out a SoundBoard page to explore sounds that would speak to their audience and help the team to envisage the possibilities.

We reached a tempo that meant the track exudes motivation without inducing stress, aligning with Courtney Legal's ethos of providing legal advice in plain English.

Next, we embraced a percussive feel, blending friendliness with confidence to convey reliability and familiarity. The piano added a homely touch, resonating with everyday families seeking legal clarity amidst their busy lives.

But what truly sets Courtney Legal's sonic identity apart? It's the subtle incorporation of familiar sounds – the clicking pen and ticking clock – seamlessly woven into the sonic fabric, subtly guiding listeners through the legal journey.

Courtney Legal Sonic Branding 2

The Result

At this stage, it's hard to tell the results in the public eye, but we can confidently say we are proud with what we created for Courtney Legal.

We'll share the Sonic Logo below too and let the music do the talking!

The Podcast

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sound.

"Our concept relies on putting out engaging content but we knew something was missing and we didn’t know how to fill the gap.  I saw one of Luke and George’s videos and realised they might have the answer.


Before working with Hear Me Out we were uncertain and worried we were not getting the sound right in our content, Luke & George changed all that. From the first call, the process they walked us through was simple, to the point and most importantly effective.


They understood the brief, took the time to get to know our concept and who we are and translated that into sound. This meant that at the very beginning of our journey, as a company, we have been able to connect our brand ethos, product and sound together seamlessly which is so important for how our future customers emotionally connect with our brand.


We would highly recommend exploring what role sound might play for your brand too, and there is no one better to explore it with than Hear me Out.”

Sophie Wilson, Founder, Courtney Legal

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