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Amazon Prime - 'Loving Elvis' - Sonic Branding

Everybody loves a bit of Elvis, right? We were honoured to rework the legendary Bing Crosby's 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart' into this haunting version for Amazon Prime's worldwide three-part series 'Loving Elvis'.

The Challenge

Working with Music Supervisor, Liz Williams, and the Director, we were able to take time to speak directly about the vision for the series and the content within it.


The beauty of working directly with creative teams is that everything can be completely bespoke, and we LOVE to keep everything bespoke.

Loving Elvis Amazon Prime Sonic Branding

The Approach

We brought in a selection of our many talented artists around the world to present different styles and accents we felt might hit the Director's vision. The director was able to hand pick the artist that felt most in-line with her vision and we had the absolute pleasure to champion singer-songwriter Kristina Nichol in Canada (which coincidentally is where the director was from).

We put you at the heart of the creativity with us, if you want to be.

The song in question that the director wanted to use was Bing Crosby's 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart'. A cover that Elvis once did, however, we needed a haunting and curious twist to the cover.

Keeping true to the times, we challenged ourselves to write an instrumental on piano that hinted towards how pianos would have been played in the early 1900s, a little stride piano solo in the middle, jazz influences of the era, you name it. But to bring this up to date we used long modern reverb effects, crisp production and an overall haunting approach to the tone of the song. Major to minor if you will. 

Elvis' Women Amazon Prime Sonic Branding

The Solution

The beautiful yet eery tone of Kristina's voice, matched with the raw and compelling piano tones created a soundtrack to this Amazon special that feels like it would silence a room.


The director was delighted the we involved them in every part of the decision making process, as a result the final product was exactly what they were looking for. 


Collaboration….our favourite way to work.

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

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