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Hyve - 'Hyve TV' - Sonic Branding 

Renowned globally, Hyve Group is a pivotal force in the events sector, emphasizing community, connectivity, and facilitating business impact.


Their team, diverse and international, collaborates to deliver an array of unparalleled global events. Given this, effective internal communication stands as a vital pillar, ensuring that all team members, regardless of location, remain connected and well-informed.

The Challenge

Hyve Group engaged us, their music production partner, to elevate their internal brand experience for employees.


They required an original score for their internal staff news program, HyveTV, along with distinctive sonic branding for their corporate video introduction. Our task involved crafting compositions that captured the very essence of Hyve Group's worldwide presence.

Hyve Group Sonic Branding

The Approach

We delved deeply into their core values and overarching vision - community, connections, and impact - to craft a spirited and dynamic original score that seamlessly complemented the show's format.


Hyve embodies the spirit of collective gathering and forging new bonds, akin to a vibrant tribe. We allowed percussion to take the lead in the composition, underscoring this value and evoking a sense of diverse communities converging harmoniously for a shared mission.


Our choice to keep the composition rhythm-driven ensures its global resonance, transcending intrinsic musical styles and scales of different countries, thereby reinforcing the all-inclusive nature of Hyve's events.

Hyve Group Sonic Branding 2

The Solution

The result is an exuberant, all-encompassing composition that draws employees into the heart of the action, igniting excitement and instilling pride in their workplace.


This musical piece fervently reinforces Hyve's core principles.

Hyve Group Sonic Branding 3
Hyve Group Sonic Branding 5
Hyve Group Sonic Branding 4

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

"The team at Hear Me Out had a remarkable ability to create music that aligns perfectly with our brand, bringing the global nature of our business to life through sound. We are thrilled with the results and truly appreciate their creative input."

Nikki Griffiths, Group Communications & ESG Director, Hyve Group

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