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Hyve - Sonic Branding

Internationally acclaimed Hyve Group stands as a cornerstone in the events industry, with a strong focus on fostering community, enhancing connectivity, and driving significant business impact.


Following an initial brand audit in collaboration with us, they quickly understood the significance of incorporating sonic branding that not only strengthens their fundamental principles but also propels them to new heights.

The Challenge

Translate Hyves core values into a collection of audio assets that will be used across multiple platforms to strengthen and bolster their brand DNA both internally and externally. 

Hyve Group Sonic Branding

The Approach

Hyve is all about brining people together and what better way to do that musically than with a choir? We start the logo sonic branding with our choir of custom manipulated and  blended multiple voices that have the timbre and familiarity of a choir with a contemporary twist that stops it from sounding too ‘choral’. 


Hyve captures the very spirit of collective gatherings and the forging of new bonds, akin to a vibrant tribe. As the logo takes center stage, we hear the commanding presence of percussion. This not only emphasizes the core value but also conjures the image of diverse communities converging harmoniously, united by a common mission.


The primary video showcases an animated tile sequence that expands around the logo, accompanied by skillfully crafted and warped sound design resembling an authentic beehive. We've carefully manipulated these effects to strike a delicate balance, offering a subtle tribute to the company's name origins without being overly explicit.


The second video below demonstrates the application of the sonic logo in situations requiring a swift reaffirmation of the brand's identity, while constraints on time limit extensive animation.

The Solution

What next?

Distinctly memorable, irresistibly catchy, and undeniably modern, the sonic branding seamlessly melds Hyve's fundamental principles with a contemporary grasp of sonic textures, perfectly fulfilling the objectives of the project.

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

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