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Jaguar - Concept Project - Sonic Branding

Discovering the sound of the Future with a concept project we set ourselves in a field of Composition, Production & Sound Design we haven't explored much of before.

The Challenge

Crafting a visionary and electrifying concept to complement the unparalleled, breathtaking visual design of this Jaguar was our mission.

Our goal was to ignite excitement and leave a lasting impact, captivating audiences from the very beginning to the final frame whilst staying consistent with their current Sonic Branding.

The dynamic shifts in the visual director's cuts oscillated between moments of intense highs and subtle lows, demanding a soundtrack and sound design that echoed this energy with precision and finesse.

Jaguar Concept Video Sonic Branding

The Approach

At Hear Me Out, our creative journey typically commences with the music when Sound Design also comes into play. We firmly believe in establishing a seamless union between sound and visuals, ensuring that they complement each other harmoniously.

To set the tone for the project, we focused on sculpting a Soundtrack characterized by futuristic and ethereal synthesizers. These served as our foundation, allowing for dynamic manipulation throughout the advert, gradually evolving and instilling a sense of urgency.

Building upon this foundation, we introduced elements like timpani and resounding toms, adding layers of cinematic grandeur that echoed the epic tone already established by the visuals.

Next on our agenda was the meticulous crafting of Sound Design. This crucial step enabled us to synchronize the audio with on-screen events, strategically maneuvering the music to align with the narrative flow. Subtle nuances such as an electric buzz became pivotal cues for us to orchestrate seamless transitions, forging a subconscious connection between what is seen and heard.

Lastly, we delved into the finer details, scrutinizing every aspect to ensure we struck the perfect balance between enhancement and restraint, seizing every opportunity to breathe life into the visual experience.

Jaguar Concept Video Sonic Branding 2

The Result

What next?

We are over the moon with the outcome. The pulsating energy and relentless intensity are what we believe captivate viewers, holding their attention from start to finish.


With this project, we've honed our skills to a razor-sharp edge, and now, we're eagerly anticipating the chance to unveil our expertise on the grand stage of Hollywood!

Jaguar Concept Video Sonic Branding 4
Jaguar Concept Video Sonic Branding 3
Jaguar Concept Video Sonic Branding 5

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

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