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Lisch - 'We Got The Spirit' - Sonic Branding

As a brand it is not enough to just look great you need to sound great as well. Lisch knew they were wasting money on their marketing strategy by not supporting it with solid Sonic Branding so they reached out to us to get them on track.

The Brand Track

The Sonic Logo

The Challenge

Create  Sonic Branding that matched up with their amazing visual identity.


The task was clear: craft a complete Sonic Strategy for the brand, complete with a fresh Brand Track and a dynamic Sonic Logo.


But that's not all – we also created a 'Lisch Airhorn' that can be played when people at events order Lisch products or when the sports team they sponsor scores a goal, really cool idea!

Lisch Spirits Vodka Sonic Branding 1

The Approach

If you've been keeping up with us on social media, you've likely caught a glimpse of our signature process – the SoundBoard journey. It's our way of diving deep into a brand's core values and understanding their target audience inside out. Why? Because getting Sonic Branding right isn't just about the here and now; it's an investment that echoes through the years.

We're such believers in the power of SoundBoarding that we offer it as a standalone service. It's a transformative experience, sparking profound reflections on brand identity and perception. Curious? Drop us an email – we're always up for a chat!

With the Brand Track solidified – akin to a visual guideline, but in sound – we extracted all the right elements to craft the Sonic Logo and the airhorn. Each step brought us closer to making Lisch Spirits an undeniable brand.

Lisch Spirits Party Sonic Branding 2

The Result

In this Brand Track we wanted to get as much of the team into there as possible.


Lisch are all about family, and building that ethos into the brand is so important to them. That is why we started by taking the audio from the intro videos of each member of the team from their social media, and finding a way to chop it up into the track.


Another of our absolute favourite elements in this track is how we used the sound of the Lisch bottle. It makes a really distinctive POP when you open the bottle, and we actually used this to create a keyboard piano that we could play.


Lisch were blown away with their sonic strategy and we even relesed the full track on Spotify as they wanted to incorporate it into their event playlists.


"Working with George and Luke at Hear Me Out Music was an exceptional experience. They demonstrated a profound understanding of our company and brand. Throughout the entire process, they ensured our inclusion and provided excellent guidance. We were thrilled with the final results. The process was well-structured, allowing for fantastic dialogue and collaboration every step of the way."

Rebecka & Sebastian Bhiladvala - Co-Founders, LISCH Spirits

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

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