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Dave Erasmus - 'Listening With...' Sonic Branding

Dave Erasmus is a successful serial entrepreneur, currently Founder of Our Carbon, established speaker and nature enthusiast. He understood the power of sound but was unsure how to start the journey so he reached out to us for help creating the Sonic Branding for his podcast series 'Listening With...'

The Challenge

Brand owners like Dave have a deep understanding of their mission, 'listening', and recognise how important it is for all aspects of their branding to put people into that specific headspace. It is our role within their branding strategy to make sure anytime they use sound it supports their overall strategy, we call this a 'Sonic Strategy'

How could we represent all of Dave Erasmus' guests, professionals in a vast range of listening, in a soundscape?

Dave Erasmus - Listening With - Sonic Branding

The Approach

Placing your customers in the environment that they use your product or service is crucial to building a deeper connection which results in customer loyalty. That is why we started by recording the sound of the farm as the podcast was filmed. Allowing us to fully immerse the listener into the environment and help align their state of mind with that of 'listening'.

Later in the process we used the sounds of the birds outside to create a rhythmic repetitive element that subconsciously anchors you even more deeply to the environment. Even if you are listening on a train heading home from work you are transported onto the farm and immersed in the conversation.

How brands make their customers feel is vital to building brand equity and recall, as such the elements within the track are a selection of meditative textures designed to slow down and distract the viewer and further immerse them whilst creating a 'reset' of emotions in preparation for the conversation ahead.

Listening with... Sonic Branding - Dave Erasmus

The Result

Dave Erasmus now not only has a soundtrack that establishes the tone of the podcast, but has a deeper emotional connection between the location and the listener as a result of the soundtrack.

We provided Dave with an 'Audio Toolkit' as part of his Sonic Branding. This includes all necessary audio files like opening track, sound beds, transition noises, etc. ready to drag into the project and edit seamlessly between chapters in the podcast whilst keeping everything on brand and in keeping with the Sonic Strategy. 

If somebody hits play on the Podcast, there will be a familiarity and emotional connection and increased trust in what Dave is creating, adding nostalgic feelings when that play button is hit.

The Podcast

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sound.

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