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Lowe Alpine - 'Move Your World' - Sonic Branding

Step into the wide world of Lowe Alpine's 'Move Your World' campaign, where adventure awaits and memories are about to be made!

The Challenge

Our challenge was to craft a composition that elevated and amplified the companies core values of movement and adventure whilst complimenting the brands existing sonic branding. We needed to always be certain to keep it open and organic to support the very environment the product is enjoyed in.

Lowe Alpine Sonic Branding Dawn

The Approach

With an eye on the brand's unique market position as pioneers in the industry, we knew our music had to resonate with their core values.


Lowe Alpine embodies movement, symbolized by their ingenious backpacks that accompany adventurers on every journey. To harness this essence, we settled on what would become the heartbeat of our composition—percussion. The rhythm became the backbone of the piece to represent both the beating heartbeat of an adventure, pulsating with the spirit of exploration.

Adventure beckoned, and we answered the call. A world-class backpack means little without the thirst for adventure and the creation of unforgettable memories. To capture the essence of this exploration, we crafted sounds that epitomized the thrill of venturing into the unknown.


Our percussion tracks embraced the adventurous spirit, fusing unconventional sounds from Lowe Alpine's factory and the majestic mountains of Kendal, UK. Rocks colliding, backpack clips snapping, and pack zips sealing essentials, all harmonized with traditional percussion instruments to form the foundation of our composition.


Who knew these sonic branding sounds would send so many adventurous subliminal messages?

Lowe Alpine Sonic Branding Clip

The Solution

What next?

The result? An enchanting fusion of sound, meticulously aligned with Lowe Alpine's brand narrative.


Our composition breathed life into the campaign, energizing it with a mid to up-tempo beat that symbolized the exhilarating start of every new adventure.

Step into the world of Lowe Alpine, where music and exploration unite, beckoning you to embrace the call of the outdoors. 

Lowe Alpine Sonic Branding Adjust
Lowe Alpine Sonic Branding Your World
Lowe Alpine Sonic Branding Dawn 2

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

"We brought Hear Me Out in to help us create the music for our rebrand launch film. They worked closely with our creative agency to deliver music that had the energy, vibe and rhythm we were looking for. Highly recommended!"

Joe White, Head of Creative, Lowe Alpine

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