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Northouse - 'Sonic Branding'

A bespoke SFX led composition to elevate the animated Northhouse logo. Northhouse are a multi-award-winning creative agency focused on visual design for live shows, installations and immersive experiences.

The Challenge

Create a composition that accentuates and elevates the animated Northhouse Logo without using a traditional 'song' aesthetic.

Northhouse Sonic Branding

The Solution

A unique, intriguing and atmospheric sonic ident that lets you know Northhouse are anything but your usual boring creative agency.

The Approach

Drones, hits, breaks, sirens, textures and a whole lot more went into this piece. All of this draws the listener further into the visual logo experience and immerses them in the exciting world of Northhouse.

Northhouse Sonic Branding

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

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