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Sonic Strategy Series: Unpacking the musical magic behind the 'Just Eat' TV Ad.

Updated: Jun 10

At Hear Me Out, we love exploring the sonic strategies that elevate ad campaigns, and today, let's dive into the recent 'Just Eat' sensation, masterfully orchestrated by the talented team at McCann featuring Christina Aguilera and Latto.

Your Brand's Soundtrack: How Just Eat Strikes the Right Chord

Imagine your brand not just seen but heard, resonating through the airwaves with a sound that encapsulates its essence. 🎶 This is the magic behind Sonic Branding, and today, we’re peeling back the layers of the 'Just Eat' TV ad, a masterclass in how to weave music into a brand’s identity. Whether you’re a brand owner or a creative enthusiast, let’s explore how Just Eat, with the genius touch of McCann, featuring Christina Aguilera and Latto, turns every note into a powerful branding tool.

Harmonizing Your Brand’s Core Values

For Just Eat, it’s not just about delivering food—it’s about connecting people. How do you capture that in sound? By embedding harmonies that mirror inclusivity and community spirit. In their latest campaign, Just Eat uses delightful vocal harmonies to resonate with their brand’s ethos. Every harmony, every beat is a strategic move designed to make customers feel a part of something bigger, a community that eats and enjoys together.

Creating a Symphony of Anticipation

Picture this: you’re waiting for your food delivery, and that familiar excitement builds with every passing minute. Just Eat's recent campaign transforms this anticipation into a musical journey 🌟 With Christina Aguilera and Latto leading the way, the ad turns the mundane act of waiting into an exhilarating experience. The beat pulses through, driving the narrative and amplifying the thrill. It's not just an ad—it's a symphony that pulls you into the heart of the Just Eat experience.

Lyrics that Spark Joy and Connection

Let’s talk lyrics. Imagine transforming everyday actions into catchy, memorable phrases—like "I'm a bad girl but my takeout badder." Only in this context can such a lyric be sheer genius. 🎤 Just Eat has consistently nailed this with their campaigns featuring stars like Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry. Lyrics play a pivotal role in making the mundane memorable, adding a playful twist that delights and engages the audience. Whether it's through humorous rewrites or serious reworks, lyrics breathe life into the brand's narrative.

Why This Beat? Aligning with Today’s Musical Tastes

Why does the beat matter? Because it’s more than just background noise—it’s the heartbeat of the campaign. Just Eat’s choice of rhythm aligns perfectly with today’s musical trends in hip hop, pop, and R&B. 🎧 This connection with the 16-40 age group ensures relevance and broad appeal. It's a sound that transcends demographics, making the brand resonate with a diverse audience.

The Data Behind the Melody

Numbers tell a compelling story too. According to Nielsen, ads with music are 15% more memorable than those without. 🚀 And get this: 72% of consumers believe that music in ads makes the brand more memorable. Just Eat’s campaign isn’t just a feast for the ears; it’s a strategic move that cements their place in the minds of their audience.

At Hear Me Out, we’re passionate about helping brands like yours find their unique voice in the world of sound. Ready to turn up the volume on your brand? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Tune In with Us: Let’s start with a quick 15-minute no-strings-attached call. We'll explore how sonic branding can amplify your brand's identity and create memorable experiences for your audience.

  2. Discover Your Sound: Work directly with our creative producers to dive deep into your brand’s DNA. We'll help you create a bespoke soundboard that reflects your brand’s unique vibe and values.

  3. Feel the Beat: From catchy jingles to full compositions, experience the magic as we bring your brand’s sonic identity to life. Let’s craft sounds that resonate, engage, and stick with your audience.

Don’t let your brand fade into the background. Step into the spotlight with a compelling sonic identity that captivates and connects. 🌟 Reach out to us today and let’s make your brand the next big hit in the world of sound.

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