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Primark - 'Find Your Amazing' - Sonic Branding

Get lost in the exciting world of Primarks ‘Find Your Amazing’ brand campaign - a vibrant, exhilarating showcase that boldly highlights the distinctive essence that sets Primark apart.

The Challenge

Craft a composition that harmonizes with the rapid, dynamic cuts, infusing an organic quality that enhances the brand's renowned energy and excitement whilst staying aligned with their sonic branding.

Primark Sonic Branding

The Solution

The Approach

Primark is dedicated to empowering each customer to discover their unique style, expressing their authentic selves to the world. This vision guided our approach in creating a composition that exudes a tangible, genuine quality.


Steered by lively drums and an energizing bass line, the composition sets the tone for excitement and individuality right from the start.


Adding to this piece, we interwove rhythmic guitar elements, a subtle homage to the realm of indie music—a domain where individuality reigns supreme, akin to Primark's philosophy.


To firmly anchor the composition in the contemporary soundscape and aligned with the brands current sonic branding, we introduced delicate touches of modern synths, further heightening the piece's vibrancy and dynamism.

Primark Audio Branding

A campaign bursting with dynamism, individuality and infectious excitement that syncs with the heartbeat of Primark's fundamental principles and most importantly speaks to their target market

What next?

Primark Sonic Branding
Primark Sonic Identity
Primark Sonic Branding

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

"The team at Hear Me Out always deliver for us on every high-profile client project we have worked on together. Happy to flex to our needs whether big budget or tighter budget and make sure the end product is exactly what the client needs. "

Joe Simons, Head of Brand, US Agency

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