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Pure Care

One of the largest washing detergent companies approached us to compose fresh sound assets for their brand. For the purposes of this case study we will call them 'Pure Care'. Launched in the 1970s, it’s now part of a top 500 group sold predominantly in the US and LATAM.

By making clothes soft and fragrant, Pure Care acts as a lasting reminder of care and unconditional love. Our overall ambition for this project is for the sonic brand to become as familiar as Pure Care's iconic scent.


Below we have used the extensive brief to develop 3 different sonic identities that we feel captures a familiar and nurturing sound of a loving household brand.

1. Genuine

We begin with an intimate guitar and bass guitar set the stage for a gentle, warm and organic atmosphere. The bass takes the lead, crafting a memorable melody that intertwines with emotional and characterful chords. 


To evoke the essence of the family home, we carefully chose a soft felt piano, nestled in a cozy living room setting. As the melody unfolds, a delightful blend of strings guide the journey, adding reassuring harmonies deepening the feeling of connection. Listen closely, and you'll catch the indistinguishable and magical sounds of children playing, setting the scene of a cherished family moment.

The rhythm dances to the beat of joy and togetherness, brought to life by drums and claps in a fun and family-oriented fashion. The claps, created by four sets of hands, beautifully represent the average family size in Mexico, forging a deep connection with Pure Care's demographic.

As our enchanting story reaches its crescendo, staccato strings drive home the heartwarming finale, leaving you with a sense of belonging and the joy of family unity.

2. Uplifting

We start with a soft intimate piano drawing us close into the feeling of the family home.

Journeying through the concept of temporal evolution, we invite a long reverb in the background, painting the soundscape with bright and enchanting notes that elevate the overall sound.

Like playful birdsong, subtle textures emerge, adding a touch of emotion and playfulness to the composition.

The strings gracefully join the symphony, weaving a gentle feminine energy, exuding a sense of safety and security.

Adding an alternative string texture, a guitar enlivens the melody with playful and lively energy, elevating the composition.

Gentle syncopated claps and Ooh's join, infusing dynamic articulation and a deeper sense of melody and togetherness.

Finally, staccato syncopated strings playfully accentuate the composition with bursts of joy and family fun, leaving you with feelings of happiness that linger long after the music ends.

3. Unconditional


Instantly we hear a playful whistle and close piano with flourishing flutes over the top.

We have used a shimmery reverb on the whistle, playing with temporal evolution right from the start. We use an up close whistle with lots of high bright notes which reflects the high notes of scents from Pure Care.

Pizzicato strings and an acoustic guitar enter the composition adding lots of mid tones and playful syncopated rhythmic elements mirroring the active and bustling nature of a family home.

We have used a reassuring chord progression that is constantly resolving to the root chord to mirror Pure Care's ability to make its customers feel safe and comfortable.

A strong brass melody also introduces the drums like an explosion of timbres creating excitement and a sense of journey. Rounding up this composition, we reach a sense of reassurance again, ending in a familiar territory and playfully using dynamics to resolve. 


So what next?

We presented these three concepts outlined above, and Pure Care have the pleasure of selecting their preferred option.


We then added in a second section to the composition that allowed us to explore a softer reprise when a more stripped back delicate sonic palette was required and sent it back to Pure Care for review.

We proceeded to refine and adjust, such as exploring additional sound options, fine-tuning almost-perfect melodies, making sure the client agreed that it was perfect.

Once Pure Care gave their approval, we transitioned to breaking down the intricacies of the Sonic DNA into 'idents'. These concise audio examples serve as glimpses into how the brand logo could come to life.

Sonic Idents

Ident 1
Ident 2
Ident 3
Ident 4
Ident 5
Ident 6
Ident 7
Ident 8
Ident 9
Ident 10

And what happens now?

With Pure Care's chosen favourite idents in hand, we begin the transformation into the final options for the new, shimmering (or should I say, ear-catching) Sonic Logos for the brand. But the journey doesn't end here...

There are a few directions from here which are very brand specific. We could begin the process of converting these into Podcast Intros & Outros, App sounds, Brand Product features, Radio transitions, alternative versions for TV Advertising Campaigns... You name it, we can adapt it. Let's focus now on how alternative versions can be useful to your brand on a global scale maximising your archive folder for the future. 

Enter the 'Alternatives' stage, for those moments when Pure Care decides to take things even further. Acquiring a snazzy brand asset is amazing, but naturally, you'd want to sprinkle it across social media, and infuse it into your advertising campaigns, right? Absolutely, right.

We craft alternate versions, perfect for editors to seamlessly integrate into videos, interviews, podcasts, radio ads, and, well, every place imaginable. Why, you ask? Because we want Pure Care to leave with a treasure trove of sound assets that strengthen their brand trust and recognition with their new sonic identity across all of their channels.

The strategy is simple: we create compositions spanning 90 seconds to 2 minutes, each embracing different genres that harmonise with their brand's essence. You've got one genre already from the Sonic DNA, and now it's time to don the rockstar hat, the cinematic cloak, or even the jolly Christmas sweater.


We're ready to bring those sonic visions to life, whatever they may be...

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