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Robinsons  - 'Get Thirsty' - Sonic Branding

Welcome to the quirky world of Robinsons' 'Get Thirsty' campaign, where boldness and innovation meet unexpected challenges head-on!


When we were presented with a brief we never thought we'd encounter, we put on our thinking caps and got to work. The result? Something truly exceptional that captured the essence of the brand and left us feeling like we've seen it all.

The Challenge

Well, where do we start with this one. Firstly , it was a pleasure to be approached with this unique campaign for Robinsons ‘Get Thirsty’.


Secondly, it was really exciting to read what is definitely the most unusual and unexpected challenge of our careers so far - gargle it. AND to top it off, we were under the instruction that ‘it needs to be less disgusting’..

Robinsons Sonic Branding

The Approach

We believe that music for adverts should be more than just background noise. It should support Robinson's fun image whilst being thought-provoking, engaging, and memorable.


The fact that there wasn't going to be any traditional 'music' meant we had to get really creative. I mean, the only place to start was giving the gargle a go. How hard could it be?


Well, as it turns out …. hard. Our mission became more of a routine of practice makes perfect, or should I say ‘less disgusting’ and we started making some progress. Professional gargling is more of a fine art involving head tilt position, amount of water, volume of vocal, mic position, vowel of gargle, and lets not go into trying to pronounce words.

Once we had used various recording effects to place our studio records into the warehouse setting of the ad we were good to go.

The beauty of technology is that we can really hone into the tiniest of details to make everything as believable as it needs to be. But that’s why we get the call.

Robinsons Sonic Branding 2

The Solution

The campaign certainly stirred up the nation and was so successful it started TikTok trends.


Whether you find a gargle funny or unpleasant, nobody can deny this advert was a success in starting conversations about the brand. 

Robinsons Sonic Branding 3
Robinsons Sonic Branding 5
Robinsons Sonic Branding 4

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

"An absolute dream to work with. Not only are they super talented multi-instrumentalists/vocalists, they're a joy to work with. Always go FURTHER than above and beyond after really digging into exactly what is needed from a brief, and some…"

Max Beattie, Senior Music Supervisor, Felt Music

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