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Sky Bingo - 'All Fun, No Fuss' - Sonic Branding

Sky Bingo knew they needed a solid Sonic Strategy to make sure they were getting the most ROI with their new campaign.


They came to us right from the start to make sure their Sonic Branding was as considered and consistent as their visual branding.

The Brand Track

Listen here.

The Sonic Logo

The Challenge

Imagine our thrill when Sky Bingo approached us to pioneer the very first sound of Sky Bingo! It felt like we hit the jackpot!


The task was clear: craft a complete Sonic Branding Strategy for the brand, complete with a fresh Brand Track and a dynamic Sonic Logo.


But that's not all – they entrusted us with launching this exciting new sound through a nationwide ad campaign set to electrify the UK across all media channels.

Sky Bingo Sonic Branding

The Approach

If you've been keeping up with us on social media, you've likely caught a glimpse of our signature process – the SoundBoard journey. It's our way of diving deep into a brand's core values and understanding their target audience inside out. Why? Because getting Sonic Branding right isn't just about the here and now; it's an investment that echoes through the years.

We're such believers in the power of SoundBoarding that we offer it as a standalone service. It's a transformative experience, sparking profound reflections on brand identity and perception. Curious? Have a look at our SoundBoarding process below.

Once we all agreed on the right direction we started to create the concept of 'All Fun, No Fuss,' injecting a competitive edge, and carving out a distinctive space for Sky Bingo among its competitors. This vision demanded a Brand Track that exuded calm confidence.

With the Brand Track solidified – akin to a visual guideline, but in sound – we extracted all the right elements to craft the Sonic Logo and the Ad Track. Each step brought us closer to bringing the essence of Sky Bingo to life.

Sky Bingo Sonic Branding All Fun, No Fuss

The Result

What next?

Nothing beats the feeling when the whole project comes together and you get that warm fuzzy feeling of a cohesive, well structured and emotionally engaging sonic branding campaign.

if you listen closely to the Ad Campaign's final moment – there, you'll catch the unmistakable tones of the Sonic Logo seamlessly integrated. As the track unfolds, you'll notice the unmistakable motifs from the Brand Track we crafted. And at the outset, observe how we deftly adapted the Brand Track to mirror the brand's desired image amidst the chaos.

So, did we achieve that cohesive Sonic Branding journey with Sky Bingo?

Take a listen to the Brand Track we delivered and the Sonic Logo, each standing tall on their own, yet together forming the vibrant auditory landscape of Sky Bingo.👇🏼

Sky Bingo Sonic Branding 2
Sky Bingo Sonic Branding Billboard
Sky Bingo Sonic Branding Fuss

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of Sonic Branding.

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