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We use Sonic Branding to help your brand sound better than the competition 

The benefits:

Increased Engagement

See a trackable, measurable impact on your business goals with strategic
Sonic Branding.

Brand Recognition

Have a brand boasting a memorable, consistent audio identity that screams personality.


Have confidence knowing your audio perfectly complements your visual branding.


Feeling forgettable?

Losing potential engagement?

Disjointed brand experience?

Every business wants a killer brand identity. But visual branding can be like watching a silent movie - flat and two-dimensional. It just doesn't pack the punch needed to make an instant, unforgettable impression. It's frustrating when your brand efforts fail to spark emotion or build a meaningful connection. Your brand deserves a more electrifying way to pop instantly - and memorably.



It all starts with crafting your unique SoundBoard. A mood board for music if you like. This sets the foundation for your brand's Sonic Branding.

  • Expert ears from our Co-Founders as we dive deep into your brand's DNA with our Brand Questionnaire expertly crafted to get the most information and understanding out of your team.

  • A delivery webpage (as seen below in our videos) presenting your strategy on how to incorporate sound into your brand to increase engagement and recall.

  • Reference music tailored to your brand's ethos and values to represent how your brand could sound and be sure you are speaking to your intended target audience.

  • Examples of touchpoints where sound should be implemented to increase brand engagement.

  • A structured plan on how to begin, create and distribute Sonic Branding.

  • Key characteristics and textures to stick to as a guide for your creative teams in control of sound to stay on brand and not confuse your audience.

  • A personal delivery of your SoundBoard page by us to ensure you and your team know your Sonic Branding strategy.

  • All delivered within an intensive 48 hours​ so your time is maximised on your other priorities of business.

Here's what you get:

Brand Awareness * Customer recallIncreased sales * Long term equity

We walk you through a simple but effective process built up over a decade of professional experience in the industry to create the first stage of your brand's Sonic Branding.



What is a SoundBoard?

You want to make sure you use sound consistently across your brand whilst speaking to the right audience. A SoundBoard paves the way for that to happen across your brand to make more sales through increased engagement and recall. It is the first step in your Sonic Branding journey.


How do you use a SoundBoard?

You might have questions about where would you apply the SoundBoard and in what context. Here are the most common examples used by brands that help them cut through the noise and be bold market leaders. 



Elevated your brand through a cost-effective, innovative Sonic Branding audio solution that sparks excitement. You focus on your brand, we'll focus on making it sound great. 


Creating your SoundBoard

We create custom SoundBoards for every client:

A mood board for music.
We dive deep into your brand's DNA to collate a customised selection of sound samples and reference tracks tailored to your brand's ethos and values.

Testimonial - Lisch Spirits

Who are LISCH Spirits?

LISCH Spirits are a family led business with a young target audience of 18-35. They promote not to drink more, but to drink better quality alcohol - without the price tag! 
Working with us we established that they were speaking to the wrong demographic with the music they were using across their media advertising and in playlists at their bars during events so we crafted a SoundBoard to show the type of music they should be using. We created a SoundBoard, which led to creating a Brand Track and Sonic Logo and brand new playlist that now not only speaks to their target audience, but enhances their brand ethos and values they have as a team.

Listen to what we created for LISCH Spirits 👇🏼

Listen to their SoundBoard testimonial


We specifically designed the whole process to take away the stress and work load from you so you can focus on running and growing your business.


  • We jump on a 1 hour call in the morning to go through a deep dive questionnaire with you.

  • We then go and work our magic for the rest of the day.

  • We deliver your SoundBoard either at the end of that day or a following day, leaving you with a plan to be synonymous with your identity, making your audience feel connected and engaged.

Don't just take our word for it - our clients rave about how we've nailed their brand's vibe. Partner with Hear Me Out and transform your brand into an auditory powerhouse.

what brands are saying

"Before working with Hear Me Out we were uncertain and worried we were not getting the sound right in our content, Luke & George changed all that. From the first call, the process they walked us through was simple, to the point and most importantly effective.


They understood the brief, took the time to get to know our concept and who we are and translated that into our own SoundBoard. This meant that at the very beginning of our journey, as a company, we have been able to connect our brand ethos, product and sound together seamlessly which is so important for how our future customers emotionally connect with our brand.


We would highly recommend exploring what role sound might play for your brand too, and there is no one better to explore it with than Hear Me Out."

Sophie Wilson, Founder - Courtney Legal

Courtney Legal's Sonic Logo and Brand Track 

How we created Courtney Legal's Sonic Branding with full clarity after creating their SoundBoard

what do you get?

🔊 See soaring brand recognition and recall.

🎶 Elevate your brand through a cost-effective, innovative audio solution that sparks excitement.

⏱️ Experience a streamlined, lightning-fast process to craft your sonic branding assets with ease and joy.

🎨 Have confidence knowing your audio perfectly complements your visual branding.

📣 Finally masterfully leverage sound across all marketing touchpoints.

📈 See a trackable, measurable impact on your business goals with strategic sound.

🚀 Gain a competitive edge that leaves your rivals in the dust, filling you with pride and satisfaction.

🔗 Find your marketing strategy seamlessly integrates sound, making every campaign feel cohesive.



*Price credited towards Full Sonic Branding Project signups

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