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Tesco - 'Food Love Stories' - Sonic Branding Music Agency

Tesco needed a rework of the Rudimental track 'Feel The Love' to work in Punjabi to celebrate the end of Eid. How did we make it happen?

The Challenge

The creative team behind Tesco were struggling to find a way to combine the idea of singer Leo Kalyan singing a popular British pop track in Punjabi whilst also reflecting their existing sonic branding.

We had to figure out a way how to make it sound authentic, suitable for all ages, and translate the english lyrics into punjabi.

Tesco Sonic Branding

The Solution

Punjabi music is known for its energetic and distinctive instrumentation. 


Our approach was to create a large palette of sounds that captured the upbeat and family-friendly tempo of Punjabi music to aligning with Tesco's all-inclusive brand approach.


After much research we subtly wove in traditional instruments like the Dhol (drums) and Tumbi (stringed instrument).


Another way we subliminally supported the on screen action lies in the transformation of Kalyan's vocals. The song starts recorded in an intimate, close-knit ambiance akin to a home recording (more subliminal referencing to the visual), but as the camera pans upward to the boy's gaze, they expand into a vast, celestial soundscape.

Tesco Sonic Strategy
Tesco Audio Identity
Tesco Sonic Identity
Tesco Sonic Branding Strategy

The Result

Our cross-cultural mission perfectly captured the spirit of inclusivity and diversity that Tesco embodies down to a ‘T’ (see what we did there).


Problem solved. Happy client. Mission complete.

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of sonic branding.

"I absolutely love working with Hear Me Out. They've got an emotionally and musically nuanced way of working that means he consistently delivers catchy, dynamic and polished music to a brief that never fails to impress. On top of their compositional skills they are also a dream to work with - quick, reliable, great communicators and dedicated to delivering superb quality."

Liz Williams, Music Supervisor

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