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Aqoustics - 'The Sound Of Hope' - UN Conference

For the United Nations World Oceans Day conference in New York, we collaborated with Aqoustics and Dave Erasmus to create "The Sound of Hope"—a powerful, immersive soundscape.

Using authentic recordings from Hope Spots—key marine areas vital to ocean health—our soundscape helped bring the urgent message of ocean conservation to life, deeply engaging the audience emotionally and intellectually.

Project Overview

At the United Nations Conference in New York, celebrating World Oceans Day, we had the privilege of partnering with Aqoustics and their speaker Dave Erasmus to create "The Sound of Hope". This immersive auditory experience was designed to bring the urgent message of ocean conservation to life.


For this special event, we didn't just use any soundscapes; we used authentic recordings captured by teams from Hope Spots around the world—special areas critical to the health of the oceans. These real sounds of marine life provided a genuine and evocative backdrop, immersing the audience in the very essence of the oceans we strive to protect.

At Hear Me Out, we are passionate about creating sound experiences that resonate and inspire. For the United Nations World Oceans Day, our mission was to enhance the storytelling with a soundscape that not only set the scene but also carried the true voice of the ocean. Here’s how we brought "The Sound of Hope" to life, in line with Aqoustics' mission:


  • Authentic Oceanic Recordings: We incorporated actual sounds recorded by teams from Hope Spots—designated areas that are crucial for the preservation of marine biodiversity. These recordings included the sound of snapping shrimp which can be heard up to 8 miles away and indicate the temperature and health of an area of ocean, the calls of fish, and the vibrant life beneath the water’s surface, creating an authentic and powerful auditory experience.

  • Crafting Emotional Resonance: Guided by Aqoustics’ vision, we composed an audio journey that captured both the beauty and the plight of the oceans. The soundscape was crafted to stir a range of emotions—from awe and wonder to urgency and resolve—mirroring the profound relationship between humans and the ocean.

  • Seamless Integration: We worked closely with Dave Erasmus and the event organizers to synchronize the soundscape with the presentation, ensuring that every auditory element enhanced the visual storytelling and the spoken word, immersing the audience in the narrative.

  • Ongoing Partnership: Our collaboration with Aqoustics continues beyond this event. We are dedicated to supporting their mission by creating soundscapes that amplify their efforts to promote ocean health and sustainability, using the power of real sounds from the ocean to inspire change.

Our Role

The Impact

The "Sound of Hope" soundscape made a significant impact at the conference. By using real sounds from Hope Spots, we created a profound connection between the audience and the ocean. This authentic auditory journey not only enhanced the presentation but also deepened the understanding and emotional engagement of the attendees, motivating them to take action in preserving our marine environments.

Partner with Us

At Hear Me Out, we believe in the transformative power of sound. Our collaboration with Aqoustics demonstrates how authentic soundscapes can elevate storytelling and drive meaningful change. Whether you're looking to enhance an event, develop a unique sonic identity, or create an immersive audio experience, we’re here to help you harness the power of sound to amplify your message. Partner with us to create soundscapes that make a real difference.

Our Process

  1. Discovery & Consultation: We start by exploring your mission and vision, understanding the story you want to tell through sound and the impact you wish to achieve.

  2. Soundboard Development: We curate a bespoke soundboard, using a blend of recorded natural sounds and musical elements that align with your project’s ethos and objectives.

  3. Crafting the Audio Journey: We meticulously create and refine the soundscape, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your narrative and resonates with your audience.

  4. Integration & Implementation: We work seamlessly with your team to integrate the soundscape into your event or presentation, ensuring a cohesive and impactful experience.

  5. Ongoing Collaboration: Our support doesn’t end at delivery. We continue to evolve your soundscapes, adapting them to new opportunities and future needs.

What next?

Let us help you build stories and make a statement through the power of Sonic Branding.

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